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Thank you for considering Foreman Law for a role on your deal team! Whether it’s your first deal or your fiftieth, each deal can be a lot of work and the process can be overwhelming.  We’ve created a variety of resources to help you succeed at each stage of the deal process, from building a deal team, handling initial due diligence and the LOI, through understanding key terms and successfully handling the post-closing transition. Schedule a time to connect with one of our attorneys using the links below.  

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Deal Worksheet
We’ve developed a worksheet to help organize key information about the deal. This tool can be useful for identifying what information still needs to be determined, and can help a deal team coordinate information early in the process.
Use this checklist to help you prepare for success on your deal. Cover topics such as financing, building a deal team, setting priorities, and topics to cover in key conversations with family members and your deal team.
Download a handout you can share with your client explaining information about our firm and our approach.
Sam Foreman and Jacob Wayman co-host a podcast to help educate, engage (occasionally entertain) and empower buyers and sellers to have a successful deal process. Guests include experienced buyers, sellers, and providers with a wealth of expertise.
Each deal can be a lot of work, and the process can be overwhelming. Prepare for success with tips about what to expect from the workload, and an overview of the deal process.
Maximizing value on your deal requires making great decisions. Having well-defined top priorities helps make decisions more clear and more powerful.  We’ve developed a process to help you create a winning scorecard based on what matters most to you.
What does that mean? Use this plain-English topical glossary to help you understand the key terms you may encounter on your deal. Keep this resource handy as you encounter new terms throughout your deal process.
Building a great team is key to a successful deal process. Get practical tips on how to build a team to maximize value based on what matters most to you.
Getting your team involved too early can add unnecessary complexity and expense. Too late, and you can miss opportunities to maximize value and get your dollars to work as hard as you do. This article provides suggestions on how to determine the right time to get your deal team involved.
A good deal team can create a great deal of value, ranging from specific substantive advice, to freeing up the client to focus on key relationships and bigger decisions, to the ultimate value: getting a good deal closed.
Determining what a business is worth is a critical part of getting to a good deal. Learn helpful tips on how to determine value, from getting skilled advice, to understanding what value will be lost in the transaction. 
Initial due diligence can lay a great foundation for a successful deal process, or it can help you quickly eliminate a potential deal or potential deal partner. Here are some practical tips for effective initial due diligence.
We have found that there is a really high correlation between having a good LOI and getting a good deal closed. Here are practical tips for getting a good LOI in place in a way that sets your deal process up for success.
There’s no way around it, buying a business is expensive, and even those who budget well for the deal process will inevitably miss some costs and expenses. Learn about different ways to structure a deal or financing to help cover deal costs.
Your dollars need to work as hard as you do. This article provides tips on how to get the most out of your deal budget.
Our top priority is to help each client close their deal with confidence and peace of mind.   We bring a client-centered and relationship focused approach to helping clients maximize value by simplifying the process so they can focus on the relationships and decisions that matter most.
These resources are provided for informational purposes only, and are not legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed through this page or the resources provided here. Please contact us if you’d like to inquire about our services. 


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