About Foreman Law

It’s our mission to contribute to the creation and growth of thriving local communities.

About us

We are committed to designing and building a different kind of firm; a firm with service and innovation in its DNA. Through that, we are confident that we can build an unmatched client experience through personal relationships and outstanding service combined over time with access to truly world-class resources.

We are dedicated to empowering and partnering with entrepreneurs, startups, inventors, innovators and all those who create. Our clients do not limit their creativity to “the way things have always been done,” and neither do we. From the legal services we provide, to our practical advice and flexible payment plans to aligning our incentives with our clients, we are committed to reimagining what is possible through a law firm. As entrepreneurs and innovators ourselves, we think like business people and bring practical, real world experience to the services we provide to our clients.

As a community-focused law firm, everything we do grows out of our mission to contribute to the creation and growth of thriving local communities by providing world-class, innovative legal services and creating more value per dollar than any other firm.

Practice Areas

Mission & Vision


To contribute to the creation and growth of thriving local communities by providing world class, innovative legal services and creating more value per dollar than any other firm.


To become the law firm of choice in the Midwest for clients and attorneys.

Our Values

Community. Everything we do should create and grow strong relationships and thriving local communities.

Excellence. We aspire to deliver world class services to all clients no matter how big or small, and to be the best at everything we do.

Relationships. People matter and we will build outstanding relationships with our clients, colleagues and communities.

Innovation. We will think, dream and do without artificial limits; we will not become complacent or accept “the way things have always been done” as acceptable for our communities, clients, colleagues or families. We will be persistently better and more creative than any other firm. We are not afraid of what is next, because we are creating what is next.

Generosity. We will experience the joy of generosity with our communities, clients, colleagues and families, seeking opportunities to use our time, talent, connections, ideas and resources to give first with purpose and impact.

Fun. If it isn’t fun, we’re not doing it right. The underlying dynamic of our relationships and interactions with our communities, clients, colleagues and families will be to create fun experiences that make the work that we do truly enjoyable.

Humility. We are aware of our limitations, and mindful of the opportunities we have to learn from others, and put others first.

Integrity. We embrace the perpetual pursuit of integrity, dealing honestly and authentically with everyone we interact with, especially when doing so is difficult or painful.

Inclusion. We will build inclusive relationships that treat everyone with dignity and respect, embracing that we are all created equal, that we are all flawed and in pursuit of perfection, and that we can all find our greatest opportunities and strengths in our differences. We welcome clients, colleagues, communities and families of all, faiths, genders, ages, abilities, orientations, identifications and ideologies. We refuse to be divided by our differences and disagreements. 
We choose to seek out the good in everyone.

Service. We embrace the opportunity to serve our families, clients, colleagues and communities, and we find joy in helping others achieve their objectives.


No Legal Advice or Lawyer-Client Relationship

Do not send any confidential or protected information to Foreman Law LLC through our website or in any other way unless one of our attorneys authorizes you to do so. Sending confidential or other information to us will not create any lawyer-client relationship, and will not obligate us to enter such a relationship with you. Additionally, sending us that information without entering an lawyer-client relationship with us will not prevent us from representing someone else in connection with the matter in question or a related matter, and will not obligate us to keep such information confidential. By sending us an email, you confirm that you have read and understand this disclaimer.