About Foreman Law

It's our mission to create amazing experiences with the law

About us

We focus on serving clients who are buying or selling businesses, and clients who are buying or selling ownership in a business. Over 80% of our work as a firm is for these clients in their deals, and providing ongoing services for their businesses, owners and affiliates. 

Whether it’s your first deal, your fiftieth, or your first deal in a long time, we bring an experienced and thoughtful approach to understanding your priorities and making the complex simple to create a successful deal process for you. As entrepreneurs and innovators ourselves, we think like businesspeople and bring a highly practical, relational approach to serving our clients.

Our team is at the core of providing a great experience for our clients. We believe that our team does its best when it is at its best, and encourage our team to be fully unplugged when they are away from work. Focusing our practice allows our team to consistently provide the time and attention that our clients need, without contributing to slow response times and the high levels of burnout for which our industry is famous. 

We’d love to get to know you and learn about what matters most to you on your deal!” 

Mission & Vision


Create amazing experiences with the law. 


Transform how law impacts the well-being of others by reimagining and redesigning how law is experienced. 

Our Values

Margin. Create and protect space for what matters most.

Organization. Make the complex simple and actionable.

Well-being. Contribute to thriving well-being through how we design and do our work.

Learning. Explore and address challenges and opportunities with curiosity and optimism.

Fun. Bring a spirit of fun, joy, and celebration to the hard work worth doing.


No Legal Advice or Lawyer-Client Relationship

Do not send any confidential or protected information to Foreman Law LLC through our website or in any other way unless one of our attorneys authorizes you to do so. Sending confidential or other information to us will not create any lawyer-client relationship, and will not obligate us to enter such a relationship with you. Additionally, sending us that information without entering an lawyer-client relationship with us will not prevent us from representing someone else in connection with the matter in question or a related matter, and will not obligate us to keep such information confidential. By sending us an email, you confirm that you have read and understand this disclaimer.