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Many attorneys are frustrated with the status quo of traditional law firms. They have crushing hour requirements, constant sacrifices of family time and health or career advancement, limited and artificially long advancement tracks, glass ceilings, and compensation structures that are often arbitrary or do little to reward attorneys for value actually created. There are often complex and toxic inter-office politics, steep buy-in requirements and overwhelming overhead burdens skewed toward volume rather than value.

At Foreman Law, we think things should be different. We have built a different kind of firm to serve our colleagues, clients and communities.

We prioritize a healthy family life and quality of life for each attorney; we believe healthy, happy attorneys deliver the best service and create the greatest value for our clients and communities. There are no hourly requirements or expectations to pressure attorneys into skipping school plays or ball games and spending too many late nights at the office. We’re creating a culture to empower attorneys to truly choose their workload based on their priorities from day one. Because of our lean overhead model which has reduced or eliminated many traditionally heavy overhead costs, we’ve removed the traditional restrictions that created these pressures.

Our compensation structure is fair and predictable, and all full-time attorneys operate under the same structure regardless of how long they’ve been practicing, and without the requirement of a buy-in. We don’t believe in artificial hierarchies, all attorneys are simply that – attorneys – there are no associates, no junior partners, no senior partners, and no other labels; no “wait your turn,” “do your time,” or “this is the way its always been done.” Rather, attorneys have the support and the opportunity to define success on their own terms and timeline from day one.

We are a new kind of firm focused on creating value for our communities, clients and colleagues. If you believe in our mission and share our values and our vision, please email us below.

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